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Lesson Cancellation Policy

Notice of Cancellation

  • All cancellations and rearrangement requests must be made in writing:

  • To cancel a regular or confirmed initial lesson, you need to give AMG two working days’ notice
    (Monday to Friday by 6pm, Saturday by 5pm).

  • If you cancel or do not attend a lesson without proper notice, you will be charged the full rate for the lesson.
    If proper notice is given for rearranging a regular lesson there is no extra charge.

Cancellation due to Illness

  • If you need to cancel a lesson due to illness, you should inform AMG before the lesson time. We may waive the lesson fee at our sole discretion, but you should provide a doctor’s note on the day of the missed lesson for consideration. If AMG does not hear from the parent/guardian of the student before the lesson start time, the lesson will be charged at the full rate.

  • If a lesson is cancelled by AMG due to illness of a tutor, the lesson fee will not be charged.
    We will try to offer a rearrangement if this is possible.

  • Note:
    Prearranged doctor’s appointments and non-emergency dental appointments are not considered illness.
    Lessons missed for these appointments will not be rearranged/refunded unless the usual 2 working days’ notice is given.

Late Arrivals

  • If a student has not arrived 30 minutes after the start time for a lesson, AMG reserves the right to cancel the lesson.

  • We will inform parents immediately and the student will be advised to return home.

  • The lesson will be charged at the full rate.

Regular Attendance Requirement

  • AMG requires students to attend 75% of regular lessons each month (excluding cancellations due to illness).

  • If you cannot meet this commitment AMG reserves the right to offer your regular timeslot to another student.

Bad Weather Policy

  • Lessons will be suspended for bad weather when

    • Typhoon Signal 8 or higher has been raised

    • A Black Rainstorm warning is in force

    • The HK Observatory gives notice that either of the above will be raised within 2 hours

  • In this case you do not need to cancel your lessons.  

  • The centre will reopen and lessons will resume two hours after the lowering of these signals.

  • The hoisting of lesser signals will not affect our timetables.

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