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Holiday Bookings

For tuition during your child’s holidays:

  • Call 2526-4097 to talk to one of our team

  • Email

  • WhatsApp to 6482-1480


  • Note that you may tick all the holiday periods that interest you. If you decide not to take up tuition in a given period, you simply need to tell us.

  • We will contact you about one month before the holiday period to confirm your child’s exact needs.

  • Our tutors are often very busy. We offer tuition on a first-come, first-served basis. If we do not hear back from you promptly your requested timetable may not be available.

  • You will receive a timetable based on your requests and the tutors’ availability.  We will try our best to give you as many lessons as you require.

  • Once a timetable is agreed we ask you to sign for your acceptance of the schedule and of our terms and conditions, and we will then send out an invoice to you.

Because of high demand we ask for full payment in advance over holiday periods.

          Holiday Booking Form

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